Building a Story

This is a rewrite of an earlier Blogspot post. It’s just for the record, since the development of the novel has moved on. NaNo is less than a month and a half away now.

I’m finally beginning to lay out a few early scenes, in sequence. For some reason, right now this is the hardest part of developing the plot. I don’t remember having this much of a problem with last year’s novel, but that might have been because by this time of year, I’d spent much more time with it. Even though I still have two and a half months, developing this one feels like a rush job. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about whether I’ll be ready for NaNo with something that can be fleshed out to novel length.

When I wrote Boundaries, there was no such pressure. I just started with an idea and a couple of characters, and ran with it. But there were times when I was completely blocked with no idea where to go next, and had to wait it out. I can’t do that with NaNo. If you’re not moving ahead during November, you’re falling behind.

In spite of my doubts about the plot, the characters are becoming more three-dimensional and complex. I just have to trust that the plot will work itself out on the backs of the characters, as usually happens.

Still no title for the durned thing. Escape from Freedom is tentative, but unsatisfactory.


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