Chores and Real Work

Label it procrastination or Getting Things Done. Either way, I’ve been trying to finish up odds and ends of the never-ending to-do list. Adding links here and there, updating my NaNo profile (posted the summary of my novel), and just generally whittling away the hours with the kinds of things that hang on and annoy you, but don’t let you feel you’ve accomplished anything important once they’re done.

Real work is finishing the revision of Boundaries and going back to chapter one for a last fly-through. Though I’ve given up any hope of getting it ready for Smashwords before November. Real work is buckling down to the NaNo story and the nitty gritty that will create a novel from a series of unconnected scenes. I still need a dramatic arc and a denouement. I need more conflict. One fight is all I have so far.

I have to understand my characters better so they can push the story in the directions it needs to go. So, the next few days will be devoted to character profiles. Why did Den become a professional Dom and why did he give up that life for being a Warden in an experimental penal system? What made Paul such a violent person, and how was Den able to tame him? Why does Stacy persist in behavior that will condemn him to slavery? Why did Cam choose corrections as a career, and how will he cope with two weeks in the solitary confinement of a life prison, as his curriculum requires? Who are these people, anyway?


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