Why Do I Write?

The perennial question: Why do you write? Some people write for money. Some write to stay sane. Some write to get story ideas, or characters, or personal fantasies out of their heads. I’d like to make money from my writing, but money doesn’t have much power to motivate me. My motivation is people.

Nothing fascinates me more than observing how people’s minds work. How they react to change, to frustration, to all the ups and downs that are part of life. The two factors that guide and, sometimes, control them are their temperament and their environment. So, the social setting and the changes it may be going through play a big part in my stories. I put my characters in difficult situations and let them work out how they’re going to cope. Are they puppets in their own lives, or do they act independently? Do they control others or are they controlled? Are they capable of changing their environment or do they merely react to it?

I write to better understand the variety of human experience.


2 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. I concur with this post. Writing to me is all about understanding the mechanics of thought and emotion put in different circumstances. People watching has always been a hobby of mine. Writing affords me the space and time to do people watching through watching how my characters react.

  2. I’m a people watcher too. And in movies and novels, it’s the characters that make or break it for me. Sometimes, when the characters are really well developed, it makes me ache with frustration to watch them fail in dealing with issues, particularly other people.

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