Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time – Solution?

When energy and inspiration fail, copy yourself. Crossposted.

I find myself being torn in too many directions at the moment, and just this instant realized that I’m probably in one of my slightly manic phases where every idea looks like a good idea that needs to be acted on right now. With NaNoWriMo coming up in less than three weeks, and my desperate efforts to finish editing Boundaries and prepare it for Smashwords consuming most of my mental energy, it’s nothing less than insane to consider starting any other projects. Nevertheless…

Started a short, possibly long, story. Wisely put it away for the time being.

Keep poking, half heartedly, at several articles for Associated Content.

Joined HubPages, for exposure, but haven’t written a single hub.

Need to start putting useful links on both my writing blogs.

Really, really want to develop my Smashwords/epublishing blog, which is just a placeholder at the moment.

Need to write GoodReads and Amazon reviews for a couple of excellent writers who could use the support.

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