Getting it Right – Eventually

The more I work on my various fiction projects, the more I realize how much practice and experience have to do with being able to see the problems, rather than needing someone else to point them out. That’s really coming home to me as I work simultaneously on finishing the revisions and editing of one novel, and planning another one. Boundaries is in its third or fourth overall revision, and I see so much now that was invisible to me when I first wrote it. Everything that I’ve learned so far feeds into the development of this year’s NaNo novel, which is both encouraging and nervous-making. I can see just from my notes what’s still lacking, but at this stage, I’m still not sure how to remedy the problems. So, once again, I’ll have to jump off the the cliff, hope for a landing that won’t be too bruising, and then pick myself up and tend to what needs to be fixed.

Inspired by Natalie Whipple’s latest post, Get it Right.


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