One Wants to Be Born; the Other Wants…

One story is struggling to be born, while the other is longing to be finished. And both of them are struggling for dominance over my brain.

This is the second year that I’ve put intense effort into preplanning for NaNoWriMo, and like last year, the closer it gets to the first of November, the more obsessed I am with the new novel. Last year’s novel lived in my brain in splendid isolation, with no competition for my attention. This year is very different. I’m trying to complete the final revision of Boundaries, and it should have been finished already. Now, it looks as if that won’t happen until December, when NaNo is over.

The revision of Boundaries’ last chapter is extensive—and deals with very emotional material. Unless I can get myself into that space, the dialogue just doesn’t work, and it isn’t a space I can jump in and out of very easily. It needs to be sustained. When mental fatigue forces a timeout, my mind is vulnerable to being invaded by other concerns. And that’s when The Warden intrudes and tries to take over.

I’ve sworn to take a full day for Boundaries. That’s really all it would take, one full day with no outside interruptions. I’ve tried, but The Warden’s need for life is too strong and won’t allow it. I’ve learned that I’m too obsessive to be a multi-tasker. If a story needs to be completed, it had better be finished a month, preferably two months, before NaNoWriMo.

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