Random Observations

I wasn’t going to download the preview of V2, but curiosity killed the cat. I did look over it, and even converted one barely begun story to it in order to play with the new and revised features. But I won’t be using it for this year’s novel. I have a mass of material, plus an outline, that would all have to be converted to the new format, and I doubt I would feel at home with it, the way I am with the current version. NaNo is no time to change horses. There’s also one change (so far) that I really don’t like, and since it involves the outliner, which I’m using very heavily for the first time, it would be a constant annoyance.

I do like the new comments feature and look forward to using it — for the next book. I don’t like the way highlighting is handled now. Either you have the formatting toolbar visible, which I would prefer not to, or you have to go to the menu to access highlighting. No more icon for the toolbar. Some features are just plain puzzling, but I haven’t read much of the help file yet. Speaking of which, why change the help file to a PDF? Very annoying change, and an unnecessary step away from the standard Mac format. The sidebar menu of help topics was much more accessible.

Maybe I’ll do a review of V2 after NaNo.

Does WordPress feel that its front page is being neglected? I can’t think of any other reason for forcing users to go there in order to read the latest posts of blogs they’re subscribed to. I went to my dashboard, as usual, and “Read my subscriptions” was nowhere to be found. Hit the subscriptions button in the sidebar, and was informed that they’ve been moved to the front page. One extra step is bad enough. But there’s no link to the front page at the top of the dashboard, so you have to drop to the bottom of the page for a live link. That’s two steps. If there’s an intelligent reason for this change, I’d love to hear about it.

The value of NaNo (or anything else)
The question is always, value for whom? If you had a bad experience, or it just didn’t do anything for you, that’s your experience, and yours alone. Talking about your experience is fine because it may offer insights to somebody else in the same situation. But saying that NaNo (or anything else) is worthless is an egocentric attitude that says what suits, or doesn’t suit, you is the measure of everything, for everyone.


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