Four Days of Reading

Finished reading Peter Watt’s Blindsight last night, and gave it four stars at GoodReads. Now it’s four days of the Eternal Dungeon Omnibus. One of my favorite unknown writers, Dusk Peterson, is gradually publishing his work on Smashwords, and the Omnibus went on sale a few days ago. I was going to buy it next month and put it aside until after NaNo, but now is the perfect time to read it and post some reviews. I’d read the first three novels in the series, online, and now there’s a collection, with fourth complete novel, plus a story and a preview of the next novel. The Omnibus is about 400,000 words.

Summary for the first novel, Rebirth:
“In the Queendom of Yclau lies an underground royal prison that embraces the worst of the past and the best of the future. The Eternal Dungeon is old-fashioned in its equipment and ahead of its time in its treatment of prisoners, seeking to put their best welfare above all else. Torture is part of the process of assisting the prisoners.

The High Seeker, Layle Smith, embodies this contradictory institution: a man of deadly impulses, the head torturer binds himself strictly by the dungeon’s code of conduct. His efforts to maintain this delicate balance are altered, though, by the introduction into his life of Elsdon Taylor, a vulnerable prisoner who is coming to terms with his own darkness.”

This series, plus other novels and stories by Dusk, has been a tremendous influence on my own writing. I hope that publishing on Smashwords will eventually gain him the notice he deserves (and maybe a publishing contract).

There’s a very generous free preview which can be read in several formats.

Eternal Dungeon Omnibus 2010

So, that’s what I’m going to be doing until Sunday, instead of obsessing over my NaNo novel.


2 thoughts on “Four Days of Reading

    1. One of the good side-effects of taking a few days off, besides recovering from prep burnout, is that your unconscious mind has a chance to go to work on the material. Just as a few days of not practicing the piano can result in a leap forward in your skill, you sometimes get back to the writing with new ideas.

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