Blogging the Book

This won’t be my first time blogging a book, but it’s the first time for a first draft, in progress. Boundaries was complete, edited, and rewritten when I started posting it to Live Journal. It still wasn’t a final draft, but it was readable (at least quite a few people thought so), and I only posted one chapter a week.

This will be different. Very different. I’ll be posting daily, a raw, ongoing story that might or might not work, that might or might not catch readers’ attention. The game plan is to write each day until my brain is burned out, or physical exhaustion takes over, whichever comes first. Spell check and read over for very light editing. Mornings, post the previous day’s work to Live Journal, along with a few endnotes. Reread the previous day’s work and pick up from there. Repeat for however many days it takes.

Rereading the previous day’s work is a new idea, and my hope is that it will ease the problem of getting started each morning. I have a poor memory (yes, even for the day before), so maintaining continuity can be difficult if I start off cold. It also helps to be in the novel’s reality space when I start writing, and reviewing the previous day’s output should be able to give me that without my having to spend an hour or two letting my mind ramble over the characters and plot.

2 thoughts on “Blogging the Book

  1. Gee thanks. That’s the first time anyone has ever called me organized. Seriously, though, it took the combination of NaNoWriMo and Scrivener (the best writing software ever invented — this is not a paid endorsement)to turn the tide for me.

    I hope that blogging the novel will be interesting for everyone who decides to follow along, or even just drop by now and then.

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