NaNo – Day one notes and observations

Today is for getting into the swing of things, and it already looks as if I’m good to go. Didn’t start writing until about 9:30 this morning. It’s lunchtime now, with 1,900 words on the page. I’m avoiding Twitter because NaNo is sucking up all the air there. Avoiding the NaNo site because it’s running as slow as molasses with all the “thank goodness, it’s started,” “I already have …. number of words,” and “Bye, everybody. I can’t do this.”

I’ll still be blogging fairly regularly, but won’t be inflicting snippets on my WordPress readers very often. Full day’s work will be posted regularly at Live Journal, so I’ll post the links for those.

Today’s snippet:

By the time a small electric van pulled up to the shelter, the headlights aimed directly at him, Ross’s legs were aching, and the pain in his shoulders had him close to tears. The man who  came toward him had a gun in a hip holster, and he looked as if he wouldn’t be sympathetic to a request for relief. But to his surprise, the man went behind him and released his hands from the belt and removed the chain from between the cuffs. Ross was about to thank him, but when his right hand and then his left were locked to the rings at each side of the belt, he closed his mouth.

He was unlocked from the post, and almost faster than he could manage with the hobbles constricting his legs, he was led to the van and helped in. He was so glad to be able to sit down that he didn’t notice the rings embedded in the bench until the chains attached to them were locked to the same rings that restrained his hands. The man hadn’t said a word to him, and the silence continued all the way to the lockup.

The trip was long enough that Ross had plenty of time to think, more time than he wanted, as the meaning of close confinement started to impact on him. Was he more dangerous now than he had been during his first two arrests? Handcuffs alone were no longer sufficient to restrain him now that he was a three-time convict? Snippets from a hundred movies rose up before him, hardened criminals cuffed and chained as he was now, barely able to walk, helpless to do so much as scratch their nose. He pulled at his manacles, trying to decide how he felt about them, wondering what they predicted about the immediate future.


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