NaNo day 3, and other stuff

Yesterday was an incredibly slow day, one of those when writing is like slogging through a river of glue. It had nothing at all to do with NaNo. I knew what I wanted to write, and was well prepared. It was just one of those down periods that overwhelm me every now and then. Still, I did manage to crawl forward bit by bit, and slid just past the day’s goal of 4,000 words. I haven’t set any goal today, other than writing at least 2,000 words.

Two days, two chapters: 9,000 words. Just over 500 so far today.

Yesterday’s output is at, with endnotes, as will be the case most days. had a very nice article about writing yesterday, complete with kute kittehz. How Can You Tell if Your Novel is Just an Overgrown Short Story?

It’s aimed at Nanoers, but it’s useful for anyone writing a novel or a short story.

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