Boring NaNo Update

I’m not sure whether the new NaNo stats are a help or a hindrance. They tell me that I’m four days ahead of schedule, but since I’m slightly behind my own schedule, that doesn’t mean much. My word count has kept dropping for the first three days, but that was planned. First day is the big one, and then I try to settle down to a steady pace with an extra spurt every now and then. Even missing my 3,000 word goal yesterday was okay. Only 1,200 words so far today, but the story is going well.

As I suspected, upgrading Scrivener is not going to be straightforward. Downloaded V2 last night, and my registration info was refused. Since it’s exactly what I copied and pasted when I bought it three years ago, I don’t know what the problem is. I’ll wait a few more days, since I’ll have to query Sales and they’re probably running flat out right now. Not planning to use the upgrade until after NaNo, anyway.

Posting the novel to Live Journal is having an unexpected benefit. Writing endnotes each day makes me think about what needs to be done during a second draft, and gives me something to refer back to. That should make the job a tad easier when the time comes.

Day 3 of The Warden here:


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