Time Flies, Words Don’t

Somehow the morning moved along to noon and I realize that I’ve written only 360 words today. Not even 360 words of today’s work. It just filled out the tail end of yesterday’s work. I passed 20,000 words yesterday, and could reasonably take the day off and find something obsessively fascinating to read. I’ve been doing that right along, so the only thing difference would be admitting that I’m not going to write at all. Get thee behind me, NaNo.

But I probably won’t do that. Out of the first week of NaNo, I think I’ve actually been happy to write for two days. Maybe less. I’m stuck in one of those periods where writing is more slogging than fun. But it gets done, nontheless. I’ve met my daily quota of 2,000 plus every day, but I’d like to have another one or two like the first two days of 5,000 plus and 4,000 plus. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Onward.



5 thoughts on “Time Flies, Words Don’t

  1. When it comes to periods like this, the question always is: if I take a day off because I have the time for it, will it boost my performance tomorrow? It will, if I missed writing that story today. But if I was happy not to spend to time on it, it’ll be even harder to get back. *sighs* Writing is hard sometimes… 🙂

  2. The trouble is, you never know. Sometimes it’s easy to go back because you really needed the break, and sometimes, the rhythm of work has been destroyed and it’s hard to get back to it.

  3. I know what you mean about the rhythm of writing. I had trouble getting going last week and I think if I took a break now I might never be able to start again! You’re well on your way, though, so you may be able to swing it. There’s nothing more difficult that forcing yourself to write when your brain/heart/creativity’s not really in it.

    Maybe you’ll find inspiration in your reading and come back fresh!

  4. I think the logjam broke yesterday, very late in the day, but at least I did make my word count. I find transition points hard to get into, and sections that are necessarily slow because the characters are dealing with a problem that has to be talked out. But it’s very satisfying once it’s done. Even with all the advance planning, I didn’t realize just how talky this novel was going to be.

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