Go Back to Go Forward

I just need to give myself a good push today and I’ll hit 25k. Admittedly, I haven’t been pushing hard at all since about day three, settling for just over 2,000 words a day. It’s also time to do something else I’ve been thinking about. I often take quick looks back at stuff I wrote a couple of days ago, but mostly to make sure I’m not leaving a big empty hole somewhere, or slipping up on continuity. Yes, I do edit  earlier work on a random basis. I’d like to make it less random and take it a week at a time.

Proper editing can increase word count if you tend to write tight and close to the bone, the way I do. So the idea is to go back through the first seven days and add whatever’s missing — descriptions of my characters, which I tend to neglect; description of the setting and some gestures or actions so that readers don’t start feeling as if the characters are sitting, paralyzed, in an empty white room. Then I’ll do the same thing for the second week, etc.

I probably won’t add in the extras to the overall word count until I’m getting close to 50k. Keep up the suspense of how much all that work accomplished. Or maybe I’ll succumb and add in each week’s editings. The only thing certain about NaNo is that nothing is certain.

Oh yeah, word count is now 22,353. The word-o-meter tells me that I can now get away with only 1,317 words per day and finish on time.


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