December and Beyond

With the 50k finish line behind me, and my second purple bar coming up in a few days, it’s time to slow down a bit. I hope to knock out another 10k or so before NaNo is over, and there will probably be another 10k still ahead in December. After the word count frenzy of the past few days,Ā  it’s time to do a little less writing, and a little more thinking.

I’ve written in chronological order, but with an unexpected plot twist recently making its presence known, I need to pin down just what time frame is involved. Putting actual dates to the various events of the novel will let me know how long it took to get from point A to point B to point C, and to the much more important point Y.

Am I happy with the novel so far? Pretty much. In most ways, it’s exactly the novel I planned to write; in some ways, it’s very different, proving for the second time, that months of preplanning don’t have to lock the writer into a rigid box or kill creativity.

Would I have written it without NaNoWriMo to spur me on? Yes, but it would have had to wait until at least one or two other projects were finished.

What did NaNo offer that I wouldn’t have had without it? Intense focus and a reminder that it’s possible to write a decent first draft in much less time than most people assume.

If all goes well, January 1 should see The Warden complete and ready for editing and revision. I hope to see my first two novels polished and ready to publish as ebooks by the middle of 2011. After that? Maybe I can polish and publish The Warden, but I’m not counting on it. Other half-completed projects are still waiting, and then there’s next year’s NaNo to think about and plan for.

4 thoughts on “December and Beyond

  1. You’ve finished 50K words already? Wow, that’s impressive. I agree with you; I thought I knew where my NaNoWriMo novel was going, but a few things have changed along the way. One character’s pregnancy has changed a bit of what I wanted her to do, but it’s a fun challenge to work around it.

    NaNoWriMo offered me some accountability. I have no deadlines or necessity to write otherwise,so sometimes the writing gets pushed off as I deal with day to day life. It also forces me to keep writing through some bad patches, where dialogue sounds stiff or you aren’t sure about a scene. I am a perfectionist and it takes me forever to complete anything because I proofread as I go. I don’t have enough time to do that, so the story hasn’t died as some do.

    Are you self-publishing your novels as eBooks? I want to look into that. Thanks for commenting on my blog šŸ˜€

  2. I’m usually obsessive about the right word and the perfectly structured sentence, etc., so NaNo has been a good way to let all that go. But I still catch myself getting stuck in the rut every now and then.

    I’m going to be publishing on Smashwords, which isn’t strictly self-publishing, but it at least gets some of the burden off the author’s back. Gonna be an Indie author!

    I subscribed to your blog. I like the way you approach topics. (Even if I do hate chick lit.)

  3. LOL…yes, I can understand not liking Chick Lit; I myself don’t like science fiction/fantasy, unless it’s like Brave New World instead of Twilight. šŸ˜€

    I’ve heard of Smashwords, but I haven’t explored it yet. I don’t have anything ready for publication yet, and I think I will start with short stories in magazines and such, but I will look into that for longer works.

    I don’t see much wrong with my perfectionist ways; it makes me a good writer. I subscribed to your blog as well. I’m going to root around a bit. šŸ˜€

  4. We’re exact opposites. I love science fiction, and my writing is somewhat science fictionish. I don’t read much fantasy, especially the kind that depends on dragons, magic spells, etc. And even though I really enjoy a good vampire novel, stuff like Twilight is completely off my radar.

    I’d rather be a perfectionist than not. Just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the writing. Perfectionists make great editors.

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