Just Contrary

Important announcement: I will not be reading any posts about Thanksgiving, thankfulness, Christmas, New Years, or resolutions.

Currently wrestling with the time span of my novel. I’d like it to end about a year after it starts, but it’s resisting me all the way.

The new NaNo stats page ignores the green bar and continues to remind you how many words you have to write before reaching 1,667.

There is a (quite false) impression that anyone who’s reached 50k is dancing with glee and haha-ing at those still struggling toward the goal. If your goal is to finish writing a novel, the green bar may have very little meaning except as a temporary lift of the spirits.




2 thoughts on “Just Contrary

  1. I hope you can still feel some satisfaction at having reached the word count goal, and that the writing surge will help you to complete your novel as well. Congratulations and happy writing!

  2. Thanks. Yes, there was definite satisfaction, but maybe having done it once before, plus fatigue may it less than expected. 1,500 words today, plus a lot of work on the timeline. Not too shabby.

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