Trying for Normal

My life has been so chaotic for the last several weeks that I’m not sure what normal is any more. Certainly, normal isn’t waiting for my brand new USB drive to back up everything on my computer. Who knew I’d ever be able to afford that luxury? Or finally be able to take advantage of the Mac’s built-in automatic backup. Is a backup every single hour a bit of overkill? Not when you’ve had computers go down three times in less than a year and have to wonder if you’d ever see your data again.

Normal is spending a good part of every day (well, almost every day) writing. Today hasn’t been one of those days. Being dependent on my Alphasmart to do any writing at all meant that losing the last five days of NaNo wasn’t a complete tragedy. But the rhythm is broken, and I need to get it back. I thought I’d be nearly through with the novel by the end of November, and ready to spend December on the second draft. But here I am, still with 15k or more to go. I’m grateful I got to 55k before the disaster. Grateful that I had about 7k to add from the Alphasmart. Grateful that the NaNo powers that be realize that shit happens and provide a way to get validated as a winner. Grateful that I’ve won two years in a row.

The trouble is that I’ve been dealing with too many kinds of stress lately, and I’m just plain exhausted. It’s the kind of exhaustion that doesn’t go away with one night’s sleep, and that bounces right back with every little stressor.  I need normal.



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