Keeping on With It

I’m completely burned out from two weeks of stress, and fibromyalgia is taking its revenge. Still, the drive to write keeps flaring up, and The Warden needs to be finished. I skipped most of a chapter that was critical to the story, because I wasn’t sure how to handle it, and went on to write several following chapters. Even though NaNo is over, I need to keep writing as if… No agonizing over whether this is the right approach. Just get it done, then keep going until I’m ready to write “The end.”

NaNo taught me to keep pushing forward without worrying about whether everything is just exactly the way I’d like it to be. But without the pressure of a deadline and a word count goal, it’s easy to slip back and let the inner editor take over too early. Posting the chapters to my LJ blog gives me the opportunity to do some light editing without getting obsessive about it. Obsession has to wait until the last word is written. And even then, it will have to wait because I have to go back to Boundaries and do a final draft.

After more than a year of almost continuous writing, it’s still somewhat amazing to realize that I have three novels close to completion and three more in various stages. The keywords for 2011 are finish, revise, edit, publish.


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