If it isn’t in Kindle Format it isn’t Real

The domination of Amazon’s Kindle increasingly means that books published in any other format don’t really exist. Authors put their books on Amazon and only on Amazon, knowing that means many eyeballs and many sales. It means that they aren’t going to miss the few sales they might have had from people who prefer other formats. Or who, for whatever reason, simply refuse to buy into Amazon’s 800 lb. gorilla approach to publishing.

So, once again, I read an interview with an author whose book sounded interesting enough that I might think about buying it. But no. It’s a Kindle edition. And that’s the only edition. Maybe I have the wrong attitude, but I believe every author who publishes their book as Kindle-only is helping to support a monopoly that’s out to crush other formats, and the publishers, including self-publishers, who use them.


3 thoughts on “If it isn’t in Kindle Format it isn’t Real

  1. I agree with you. It shouldn’t be the only format. I know it’s greener, but I still want and still buy books.
    Monopoly isn’t good, in any business.

  2. Yes, I still buy and sometimes prefer paper books, but it wasn’t actually ebooks I was railing at. Amazon’s Kindle is taking over the ereader market, and their marketing methods are trying to destroy non-Kindle eformats, specifically the open-source ePub. If I buy a book on any other site, I can usually choose which eformat I want to read it in. Kindle books can be read only on the Kindle reader or using a downloadable Kindle app. But, as I discovered, the app isn’t even available for pre-Intel Macs.

    1. I did think that’s what you meant. I suppose Amazon are doing what any other BIG corporation is doing, aggressive marketing. The internet is still young and has a lot to learn, there are monopolizing mammoths at the moment.
      I read quite a lot in the open-source ePub format.

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