The Little Engine That Got Tired

Lots of early planning carried me through NaNo and beyond, but now I’m out in unfamiliar territory, not only unplanned but brand new. I’m spending as much time thinking and daydreaming as writing, trying to find my way through a story whose ending has changed drastically from what I originally intended. Looking back at the first few chapters, I see major revisions coming up. And looking at some of my early notes for the plot, it’s as if I abandoned one novel to write something entirely different.

I’m about to hit 70k, but at the moment, it feels as if there’s no steam in the engine. It’s just one of those days, I hope. I still have almost two weeks to finish. Since my only Christmas obligation is half a day with son and DIL, I can’t claim to be short of time. Some of my other stories try to get my attention now and then, but I’ve been very firm about making a few notes and shutting them back in their boxes. Later, kids. I have to finish playing with the big boys first.


3 thoughts on “The Little Engine That Got Tired

  1. We all get days like that, the important thing is to let them do their job. I found that for me this sort of pressure and inner tension actually helps the creative process. It was John Fowles who said that these periods and writer’s block are as much part of the writing process as the very creative periods. I agree with that. Our minds need some time off every now and then. 🙂

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