Jumping Ahead

I wrote a good chunk of a new chapter this morning — at least two chapters ahead of where I actually am in The Warden right now. I sometimes do that when I’m stuck where I am, but have a pretty good idea of what I want later on. Trouble is, I still have to deal with going back and taking on the difficult job of forcing my way through the Chapter That Does Not Want to Be Written.

Most often, the stuckness is a case of knowing what I want to say, but not how to say it. This time, it’s not knowing what I want to say. I know where the character is going and more or less what he’ll do when he gets there. I’m just having a lot of trouble figuring out how he gets there. I didn’t really have that in mind when I skipped to the new chapter, but maybe it was a directive from my subconscious. Now that I can see where he is later on, and what he’s doing, I can track back to the process of how he got there.  It’s as if the solution to a roadblock is in the future, not in the past.


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