Well, Duh!

This is somewhat of a rant, about something that’s a kind of low-level annoyance, so feel free to skip it.

Bloggers who post writing advice aimed at beginners. Bloggers who post writing advice aimed only at beginners. It’s the latter group that annoys and bores me. I understand that new writers and blog readers are always coming down the pike and need the knowledge that more experienced writers can offer. I also understand that you may be interested only in helping new writers and don’t give a hoot if your bits of wisdom bore the living crap out of the rest of us. Good advice can’t be repeated too often. Or can it?

Even the least experienced writers can benefit from quirky insights that give a new slant to well-worn truisms, even from seeing those truisms turned upside down and twisted nearly out of shape. Because a diet of nothing but the standard rules and regulations can make new writers very dull boys and girls.

Writing isn’t about following a set of rules. It’s about learning the rules that mean the difference between good and poor writing, and then going on to create the ones that work for you, for the kind of writing you want to do, the way you want to do it. I think it’s called creativity. And it’s kind of insulting to implicitly give the impression that, just because they’re still struggling with the forms,  new writers aren’t capable of creativity

Another thing to consider is that it doesn’t hurt to show some of your own creativity now and then, between the lists and admonitions. It might give the new people the idea that creativity is both possible and necessary. No matter how off the wall and rule-defying your own working methods and insights may be, if they work for you, they may work for someone else


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