One More Blog?

I’ve been thinking about starting another blog. Now that I’ve deleted the two I had on Blogger, it doesn’t seem like complete craziness. There are topics that I want to develop that wouldn’t be appropriate on this blog, even though the central theme would be my writing and how some of it has developed. The spillover from one subject to another makes it difficult to draw lines and say this belongs here and that belongs there, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid lines.

I could take the attitude that I’ll write as I damned well please, regardless of whether anyone wants to read it. But I seem to have inherited the sharing gene, which could also be considered a teaching gene. I’ve been around long enough to have gained a lot of life experience. Sharing it has helped others going through similar experiences and growing pains. I’ve learned a lot about writing, some of it off the beaten path, and that’s been helpful for people who are equally likely to spend their writing lives in a vine-tangled wilderness where they have to figure out their own rules.

So — that’s this blog. But there are areas of human history and experience that most people would just as soon stay away from. I enjoy learning about them and thinking about them. You could even say that understanding the how and why of human behavior is an obsession of mine. My fiction seems to have evolved very quickly into a deepening exploration of the less sunshiny aspects of my fellow humans, and this blog isn’t the place to discuss what I’ve found and what I think about it.


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