Another Bullet in My Foot

Some people seem destined to work against their own best interests. I seem to be one of them. If there’s any possible way to go against the flow of what’s acceptable and necessary, I’ll find it. I’m genetically contrary and no matter how hard I try to suppress it, my oppositional side will out, sooner or later.

Be an indie author without Amazon and its 800 pound gorilla, the Kindle? You might just as well not bother writing. But that’s the road I intend to walk.

Refuse to be a part of the big, important social networking sites? You might just as well find the potion that turns you invisible and knock back a big draught because you will remain in obscurity for the rest of your life and your burial-place will be unknown.

I just deleted my Twitter account. I tried Facebook some time back, and after barfing my way through its sheer ugliness and forced friendliness, I deleted that account. I’ve tried most of the methods for building my “platform,” otherwise known as pimping yourself out so that when you’re finally in a position to start making money, people will rush to give it to you. If there’s one lesson I’ve taken away from all this, it’s that I’m not sufficiently motivated by the promise of fame or riches (or even a measly pittance to buy food) to persist in doing things that I wouldn’t consider doing for any other reason.

My writing is my platform. If it isn’t good enough to attract readers, then the hell with it.


4 thoughts on “Another Bullet in My Foot

  1. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bullet in your foot.
    Don’t we write to write? Yes, fame and fortune would be nice, but sometimes it simply takes too much out of us to “pimp” ourselves as you put it – takes too much time and effort away from actually writing. I’d rather write and be unknown than not have the time and energy to write because of those platforms. 🙂

  2. Thanks. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who loves the writing but not what it takes to give yourself a public face. Whatever it costs, in the long run I have to find my own way.

  3. BTW, I was just over on the Kindleboards and a writer there has already sold over 1800 ebooks on B&N this month and just a few hundred on Amazon. Even though for most authors it seems the reverse is true, there are some people who are doing better on B&N than Amazon. What seems odd though is that I’ve yet to see someone who seems to be doing equally well on both, one seems to always far out perform the other.

  4. I’ve seen mentions here and there that some people are doing well at B&N. I’m sure that bit of news didn’t go over too well on the Kindleboards, though.

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