To Blogroll or Not to Blogroll

When I started this blog, I had to make the decision about what kinds of links I would put in the sidebar. In the past, I added links to blogs that I enjoyed reading, period. It didn’t matter whether they were personal or professional blogs, about writing, everyday life, or the state of the world. It was a nice way to promote other people’s blog, but mostly, it was a way for me to keep up with them. It wasn’t a very efficient way to keep up, but once upon a time, it was just about the only way. Click on the blog roll or bookmarks to see if someone had a new post. If they didn’t, go on to the next.

RSS feeds, email and onsite subscriptions, and features like Blogspot’s “Follow” changed all that. Now I’m not likely to drop a blog just because it isn’t updated regularly. When something new is posted, I’ll know about it. No more wasted time, looking for updates.

But there’s still the wish to share good stuff and promote the people who write the good stuff. When a post serves as a prompt for one of my own, I throw in a quote or two and provide the link. But that doesn’t happen very often. So, here’s the “instead of a blogroll” plan. Once a week or so, I’ll post quotes and links for the recent blog posts I’ve particularly enjoyed. I won’t promise to be regular about it, because regular just isn’t in me, but I’ll give it my best.


3 thoughts on “To Blogroll or Not to Blogroll

  1. There’s no rule about how often to blog. Being able to follow bloggers with subscriptions or RSS means that consistency isn’t quite as important as it used to be, but there are still readers who will drop a blog if it isn’t updated regularly. Blog as often as you have something to say. On days when you’re feeling full of oats, draft an extra post or two and tuck them away for the slow times. I’m getting into the habit of starting posts and saving them as drafts right here in WordPress. That way, I have a neat list of choices on my dashboard, and if I’m not really into starting something from scratch, one of the drafts may get me going.

    I try to post at least every other day, but sometimes I burn out and take a short vacation, as I did early this month. Hits were almost non-existent for those days, but they picked right back up. The important thing is to write stuff that people find interesting. If you do, they’ll stick around.

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