Add One More WIP to the Pile

What with one thing and another, finishing The Warden any time soon seems to be a fading dream. Was it cursed by the nearly two weeks of NaNo lost when my computer died? I got my word count verified later, so I can’t complain about that. I’d already crossed the 50k line when disaster struck, and the novel is now over 84k, so it isn’t as if I gave up. But I’ve had at least two long periods of downtime with it, and now that I’m a mere two chapters away from the end, I know it’s time to put it aside for a while.

It’s been getting in the way of finishing Boundaries and getting that novel ready for publication. That should have been a done deal by now, so both novels have suffered by my trying to give them their fair share of my time and energy. But The Warden needs more than its ending. For at least the last four or five chapters, I’ve known that its focus has shifted and that the ending I’m trying to make myself write doesn’t fit what’s already been written. It isn’t the ending that’s at fault, it’s the beginning. The novel needs a serious, in-depth rewrite, and until that’s done, there’s really no point in writing the last two chapters.

It feels like copping out on the people who’ve been reading it, chapter by chapter on Live Journal, but I’ll give them a summary of the end and hope that nobody will hate me for it. As compensation (maybe), I’m also going to be working on the sequel to Boundaries. It’s about halfway to completion now, and since it will be only a long short story or a novella, it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll post it on Live Journal, and it will be a freebie on Smashwords. Even though it’s a sequel, I’ll make sure it works as a standalone. If people download it from Smashwords and like it, maybe that will encourage them to pay for Boundaries. Either way, I’ll be back to this year’s goal of getting my work out there.


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