Setting Priorities

As much as I want to finish The Warden, my NaNo novel, I’ve made the decision to set it aside. Being only two chapters from the end made that a hard choice, but try as I might, I can’t give my attention to two novels at one time. Boundaries should have been revised, edited and published a month or more ago, and since that was supposed to be my top priority, I’m dropping anything that distracts me from it.

I’m down to the last two chapters (it always seems to be the last two chapters that trip me up) and they’re going to be the toughest ones. Now that I’ve written three almost-complete novels, I can see the pattern. I start writing, thinking that I know how the novel will end, but as I approach the last chapters, doubts creep in. It would be so much easier if I was writing to a formula. I’d know that the two protagonists would get together and live happily ever after. Or the hero would win the battle, find the treasure, rescue the captive, undo the evil spell. Alas, my protagonists have the same problems real people have. They have to deal with a multitude of decisions, any one of which will change their future. And it isn’t my job to make an arbitrary choice for them. I have to let them work it out for themselves. So the next few days of working on Boundaries will be a struggle.

As part of the work on Boundaries, I’m starting another blog, which will be my first authorial website. That’s where I’ll post a chapter or two of Boundaries, and teasers for WIPs in the Boundaries universe, three of them so far. There will also be pages about that universe and the slavery that’s central to it. It isn’t ready for public viewing yet, but will be fairly soon, I hope.


4 thoughts on “Setting Priorities

  1. I, too, am struggling with distractions to the work I’m supposed to be doing, though most in my case aren’t other writing projects. The thing is, when I finally do get a chance to write, the things that rush into my head saying write me aren’t what I told myself I would finish in the upcoming week. *Sigh*

    This week, since I’ve had so much else to do, I’ve kind of let the writing take me where it will. It’s been a long time since it even bothered to show up, so I’m treating it like a welcome guest, even though it has its feet on my nice coffee table.

    Good luck with everything you have coming up! 😀

  2. If the muse has been AWOL for a while, we have to be grateful when it bothers to show up. And hope that it shows up when we have time to entertain it. Right now, I have to stubbornly shut the door and say “later, please.” I don’t even want to think about all the stories that are waiting to be finished, much less the ones that I haven’t even started yet.

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