Drat! Another story idea hit me this morning. Made some notes, was tempted to write a bit of the opening, but resisted. Here I am, struggling to get my first novel out into the world, with at least four more waiting in the wings, and I do not need any more story ideas. There are over a dozen nicely tucked away in a Scrivener project or in their own projects where I take a swipe at them every now and then. I know that most of them will never be written unless I can keep them to story length. If I don’t learn to write and edit a lot faster, the novels already in progress may take the rest of my life to finish. And to think there was a time when I believed I had no imagination and wasn’t destined to write fiction.

But NaNoWriMo is only eight and a half months away. That would be a good way to get one of the stories out of its little hidey hole and into the light. I guess I should start thinking about it. What did you say? Too early? I spent most of a year planning for the NaNo novel that was my first win. It’s never too early.


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