What Would I Say?

Trying to revise and finish the last chapter of Boundaries is making me think that maybe writers have to be a little crazy. At least by normal standards. A dual personality probably helps. I have two characters coming through years of misunderstanding when their circumstances wouldn’t allow anything else. Now they can meet as equals, but they still have to bring all the misunderstandings out into the light and get past them. They hit peaks of emotion, come down to the plains and then go through the same thing again, with variations. They’re very different from each other, and understanding that difference is part of what they’re going through.

And I have to speak for both of them. Doesn’t that kind of sum up what being a novelist is all about? You have to get into your characters’ heads and let each of them speak in their own voice, no matter how different they are from each other. How different they are from you. Every time a character opens his mouth, I have to figure out what I’d say if were him instead of me. It’s enough to make a person crazy.


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