Notes and Notices

I’m down to the last 500 words or so of the final revision of Boundaries. And I’m having a hell of a time working it out. It’s where everything has been heading and I have to get it just right. [pounding my head against the wall] I will finish it today.

Good news for Smashwords publishers and anyone who’s remotely interested in becoming one. Ted Summerfield, a WordPress blogger, has started a forum for us folks. It’s brand new and off to a good start. It’s unofficial, but Ted has informed Mark Coker, Smashwords’ ubergenius, that it’s up and running, and has his fingers crossed that the forum might one day be official.  Check it out. Smashwords forum. I also put a link in the sidebar.

I learned about a new site that’s still in beta and that might be a good place to go for self-promotion. I haven’t had a chance to take a good look at it yet, but will do that today. If I like it, I’ll report back. Jevitt


7 thoughts on “Notes and Notices

  1. My dad wants me to format his book for Smashwords publication. How does one do this? I have no idea. He’s sending it to me as a Microsoft Word document.

  2. We seem to be running neck-and-neck on the rewriting schedule. I plan to publish on Smashwords too, sometome next week. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the tip on the Forum.

  3. 2blu, there’s a link in my sidebar to the Smashwords formatting guide. Download that (it’s free) and follow the directions very carefully. Some people have trouble with it and others say it goes smooth as glass. You might want to check out the new Smashwords forum if you have any problems. There aren’t too many people there yet, but somebody may be able to help.

    I was going to use Open Office to format my novel and convert it to a Word doc, but a blogger I just discovered says he did his with Scrivener, so I’m going to go that route. I hate anything Microsoft, so it’s nice to have alternatives that can handle the Word format.

    EJ, it will probably be several weeks before I’m ready to publish. I still have to do a line by line edit and formatting. And get my son on the ball to design the cover.

  4. Alexander, I’d suggest Smashwords, because if you follow the guidelines for the premium catalog, the book will be widely distributed. And you should also pop it up on Barnes and Noble on their Pubit platform.

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