A Very Good February

…In spite of the miserable winter weather.

Hits on this blog exceeded the January total, in spite of it being a shorter month.

Started working on another blog just for my published (to be) work.

Wrote and posted several book reviews on Goodreads and Smashwords

Posted my first book review here.

Finally finished the last revision of Boundaries and I’m six chapters into the last proofreading, and tweaking.

The cover design is now in the hands of son #1. We looked at some of the pics I’d found via Google to give him a general idea of what I want, discussed being literal about the design vs being symbolic. I’m pretty literal-minded, so it’s good that I know how imaginative he can be.

Lots of mind-changing about which project to pick up next, with early leanings toward the Boundaries sequel, which is half-written. But the vote went to Gift of Blood, my first novel ever, and my first NaNoWriMo win. It’s been sitting since 2009 and really wants my attention. So Gift of Blood will be my main focus once Boundaries is out as an ebook, with work on Taryn (the Boundaries sequel) squeezed in every now and then.

Can’t wait to see what March brings. My first published book? I certainly hope so.


7 thoughts on “A Very Good February

  1. Alas. A writer’s work is never done. I’m not sure about the rhythm, though. It feels a lot more like stumbling from one task to the next and hoping that I don’t forget something vital or fall asleep in the middle.

  2. Late March, if all goes well. Editing is going well, so far. Fingers crossed.

    Have been meaning to drop you an LJ PM or an email. Days slip by too quickly and are over before I know it.

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