Review: Silver Thaw

Silver Thaw
Author: Amy Rose Davis
Category: Fiction » Literature-Fantasy (general), Literature-Horror
Word count: 28015 (novella)
Sample size: 30%
Parental rating: 18+

Author’s Description
In a mining town filled with forgotten men and used up women, a handcuffed girl and her deaf guard arrive just as a blizzard descends. Lured by the girl’s singing and driven by an old obsession, one man releases an ancient spirit that threatens to destroy the town and the estate it supports.

The girl turned her eyes to Cad’s. He couldn’t put a color to them. Gray, green, blue, golden—all would have suited equally well. She had a face he expected to see but wouldn’t have looked for, average and common. She stood, her silk tunic swirling loose around narrow hips and thin thighs clad in silk breeches. Around her neck she wore a silver torc carved with intricate runes. He heard a metal clink and looked down to see her wrists joined by silver cuffs that bore the same runes. He frowned. Cuffs on a girl this size? She couldn’t be a threat. And how is she not freezing in those clothes?

Cad scratched his brown beard and crossed his arms, assessing his chances in a fight against a man twice his size. He’d thrown some rough drunken miners out of the taverns in the town when he hadn’t had too much ale, and tonight was a good night. He still had a pocketful of tokens. Still, that fist would go through my head before I could draw a blade, and not a man here tonight would help me. Better to avoid a challenge. “Let the girl sing, Shep.”

Shep grunted. “She opens her mouth someone’ll want to put something in it that don’t belong to me.”

“You shame yourself, Shep.” Cad turned to the girl. “Good lady, forgive the barman’s behavior. We see few true ladies in this part of the world. It’s all silver and ice. He forgets how to speak to one of your gentle birth.”

Silver Thaw is the kind of fantasy that can make a reader out of people who aren’t big fans of fantasy. Like me. An opening that combines the mundane and the mysterious makes you want to know exactly who these people are and what is going to happen to them with the appearance of a beautiful young girl and her guardian. Davis sucked me right into the story with a sample that is generous for the size of the novella, but left me wanting more. The writing is excellent and the editing is well above average. If the rest of the book carries out the promise of the sample, it will be well worth the investment of $1.99. It seems like a safe risk.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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