Boundaries and Gift of Blood updates

The pressure is starting to build. Three or four more days should see the last chapter of Boundaries revised and edited. Then I start down the path to publication. When I realized how close that is, I began to think about the title and decided that it needed to change. Not drastically, because the book is about boundaries. But I needed something that wouldn’t bring up 50,000 irrelevant links in a search. So Boundaries is now Hidden Boundaries. Not terribly dramatic, but good enough.

I have a new blog for my fiction, Dark Boundaries (yes, I do like that word), which will go live as soon as I get a bit more content into it. And that will include 1/3 (seven chapters) of the book. I’ll announce it here with trumpets and confetti, of course.

During breaks from Hidden Boundaries, I’m dipping back into Gift of Blood with some very light editing, but mostly just reacquainting myself with the plot and characters. I’ve already posted the prelude and chapter one here, and will be posting a few more chapters when I think they’re presentable. Not final draft, but readable.

Gift of Blood is dear to my heart because it’s my very first novel. And I think it’s an original story that will hold readers’ attention. If all goes well, and it’s my second published novel, I’ll get back to work on the second book in that universe, Outcasts of the Blood, which is about halfway to completion. And then there’s…


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