Review: Cold Front

I’m going to dispense with the formalities today because I’m dog tired. If you like extremely well-written mysteries that include a male/male relationship, and a touch of “super powers,” meaning telekinesis, empathy, etc., in an alternate world setting, Cold Front, by Ann Somerville is for you. There’s a lot of sex, so be warned. But the central theme is the gradual development of the relationship between two strong men who work together, and the need to solve a gruesome series of murders. The plot is complex, and well worked out. The relationship is realistic and touching.

How much do I like Cold Front? I’m reading it for the third time. It works as a novel, but is actually two stories that set up the relationship between Ren and Deck, and a much longer one that gets into the mystery, and more deeply into the culture. It’s over 156,000 words long, so it’s a good solid read, and you can check it out with the 25% sample. For Read an Ebook Week, it’s discounted on Smashwords, from 3.99 to 2.99 with code RAE25.


2 thoughts on “Review: Cold Front

  1. There’s a sequel to Coldfront, and once you’ve finished it, you’re going to want to find out what happens next. Ann Somerville really knows how to hook readers.

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