The truth about your interview. I just don’t care

There seems to be a major upsurge of author interviews on the blogs I read regularly. Which means a major downsurge in my blog reading. I’m probably alone in this, but I really don’t care about the age of the authors I read or might read. I don’t care about their backgrounds, families, or what inspires them to write. I don’t care whether they have or haven’t studied writing officially. I don’t care about the classes they’ve taken, the seminars they’ve attended, or the books that have taught them everything they know about writing. I don’t care why they write in any particular genre.

I skim such interviews very quickly, hoping to find authors who write books I’d be interested in reading. After all, these interviews are supposed to be all about finding new readers. Or at least I assumed that’s what they’re for. So it puzzles me when I have to hunt through the interview to find what kind of books the author writes, and where they’re available. It annoys me even more when the titles are there, but not a hint of a synopsis.

Author interviews can be interesting, but not when the writing takes a back seat to what is essentially personal gossip. Just like the hook in a book’s first few sentences, if an interview doesn’t hook me, I’m off to do something more interesting.

4 thoughts on “The truth about your interview. I just don’t care

  1. Actually, I think the same as you. I don’t really read the interviews unless I actually know the person and what they write because then I care. Otherwise I skim, but usually zone out when some of the questions are something along the line of, “So you started writing when you were five?”

    I do like interviews where they share ideas or helpful advice. But that isn’t most interviews that I see.

  2. There seems to be an accepted idea that readers want to know something about the author, that they’re more likely to buy a book if the author isn’t a faceless stranger. There are a few authors that I’ve wanted to know more about, but it was only after I became very familiar with their writing, and most of what I was interested in had to do with their writing. Inexperienced interviewers seem to think that the personal touch is most important. But I think it’s the least import for new writers. Who cares how old you were when you started writing or which published writers inspired you if it turns out that your book is a piece of crap?

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