Self-publishing – Ignorance is No Excuse

This is a bit of a rant, so if you’re not in a rant mood, just skip it.

On Twitter, a link to an unpublished writer/blogger who has been adamantly opposed to self-publishing. The reason for the tweet? He’s changed his mind. Why? Because Amanda Hocking disproved his belief that self-publishing would forever shut you out of “real” publishing. Clearly, for this young man success depends on getting a contract from a “real” publisher. And until now, he’d never heard of a successful self-publisher. Oh, he’s also never read a self-published book and believes that most readers have never read one.

Somebody please tell me why his opinion is worth tweeting about? His whole mindset has been, and still is, based on ignorance of what’s going on in the world of publishing, and his standard of success is 1. lots of money, and 2. being picked up by a publishing house.


3 thoughts on “Self-publishing – Ignorance is No Excuse

  1. Clearly he doesn’t search around the internet very well. I’ve found many successful self-published authors in two months alone surfing blogs/twitter/etc. People choose to close their minds to things sometimes, I know I’m guilty of it in different areas. He’ll learn when he comes across enough successful self-published authors or he himself caves in and self-publishes. It definitely doesn’t excuse his mindset.

  2. There are so many links to self-published books that it’s hard to believe someone who’s a writer and interested in writing hasn’t stumbled over any of them. Maybe it’s a kind of selective blindness. But it’s fascinating to see blog posts by people who are just discovering the whole self-publishing/indie thing. Some reject it completely. Some walk around it, examining it as if it’s a wild beast that might spring on them unexpectedly, and some actually get interested in learning what it’s all about. Mindsets do change.

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