Spam referrers – again

I’m really pissed right now. I saw three new spam referrers starting their antics this morning and reported them immediately. So far, mid-afternoon, they’re still at it, screwing up my stats. Supposedly, I’ve had 43 views today, but 19 are from the referrers. With these assholes around, there’s almost no point in bothering with statistics.

Okay, rant over. It didn’t even make me feel better.


6 thoughts on “Spam referrers – again

  1. I agree with you. It’s absolutely frustrating having to deal with this pretty much every week. I hope things get cleared up soon, because I want to know my real stats!

    1. You can deduct the spam referrers’ hits from the daily total, but that means you’ll have to keep track yourself. I thought about doing that, but decided it’s not worth it.

    1. I don’t understand it, either. Regular spammers consider themselves to be doing well if a tiny fraction of readers clicks through and buys something. Of course, they’re too stupid to realize that WP stops regular spam cold. Maybe this is the response from frustrated spammers. But I still can’t see that it does them any good. They don’t show up in post comments, so what are they getting out of it? WP has an explanation somewhere, but even after I read it, I didn’t get it.

      Supposedly, I’ve already had a record number of hits today, and it doesn’t mean sh-t.

  2. Yeah, my blue bar is at the top, too. It’s a crushing blow when you realize what’s happening.

    You know, I told you once that one of my spammers was American Idol show. Perhaps, all they want is for you to look in their direction.

    1. Yes, but how many times are you going to look? Two of today’s spammers have 13 hits each. If I’m the only one who sees them, why would I look more than once? And now that I know what most of the links look like, I don’t have to click on them at all. These two are typical of the format:

      And they haven’t stopped hitting me all day. Dammit!

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