Those Damned Distracting WIPs

Now that Hidden Boundaries is all but finished — lacking the cover art and final formatting for Smashwords upload, I’ve been working on the sequel. Taryn has been sitting on the shelf for quite a while, less than half-written, and waiting for me to come up with some interesting plot twists and a bit of drama. So, to get me off my duff, I decided to serialize it on Live Journal, just as I did the original version of Hidden Boundaries. There’s nothing like the knowledge that your readers are waiting for the next chapter to build up the fire under your ass. At least it works for me. I posted the first chapter last week, and with only two more chapters completely finished, it was crunch time.

That was obviously the perfect time for one of my many WIPs to raise its head and say, “No, me first.” To be fair, this particular WIP, formerly The Scribe, now Autobiography of a Perfect Slave, has been somewhat of an obsession. It begs to be written, and I keep going back and adding to it every now and then. What’s held me back from finishing it is my usual difficulty coming up with a satisfactory last few chapters and ending. But that never stops it from poking itself in my face. So, here I am, struggling to finish the next chapter of Taryn, and Autobiography is consuming my creative energy.

And now I’m doomed to finish it because the last half hour of lolling in bed when I should have been up and at ’em was spent working out a raft of new ideas for the last chapters. Big drama. Lots of angst. Tragedy barely evaded. Thank goodness, I’m only posting one chapter of Taryn a week. Chapter two goes up later today. If you’re curious, Chapter one is here.

Damn those WIPs.


4 thoughts on “Those Damned Distracting WIPs

  1. Oh yeah. It gets pretty crazy sometimes. I’m also trying to finish and edit last year’s NaNo novel, and I dip into some of my other stories now and then. No pressure.

  2. Fun, isn’t it? Actually, sometimes it *is* fun. I finally finished chapter four of one story today. Now it’s on to another story for the evening.

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