Getting up to Speed — and Staying There

I added about 1,200 words to chapter five of Taryn yesterday. It was one of the better days since I went back to work on this story, and I think it happened because I have some sense of where I’m going with it now. The basic plot has always been there, but without any plan for how I was going to get from one point to the next,  all I was doing was fumbling around, hoping that whatever I was writing today would be the stepping-off point for tomorrow. But that wasn’t really happening.

It turns out that knowing where I’m supposed to go next helps keep me from fiddling with what’s already written, editing and re-editing, as a substitute for moving ahead. Planning ahead is what made my last two NaNos so successful. Why has it taken me so long to get it through my thick head that I need to work that way year-round? Don’t answer that!

2 thoughts on “Getting up to Speed — and Staying There

  1. Thanks. I’ve wanted so badly to get it finished, and it’s just been limping along. If all goes well, the complete first draft will be done before the end of May. Yo ho NaNo!

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