Weekend Notes

Internet weekends are boring. Three-day holiday weekends are worse. I don’t do holidays, so there’s a lot of “let’s bow our heads,” or “rejoice” crap to sift through to find anything worth reading. Which should mean that I’ll get a lot of work done. Maybe. Maybe not.

Currently reading Josh Lanyon’s Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Cash. Frankly, I’m surprised that I finally decided to buy it, good reviews or not. And yes, lots of good reviews. I rarely read how-to books about writing, and writing about kinks for cash is not quite my style, so it’s an admittedly strange choice. But it’s part of a quest, if you want to call it that, to define my own writing.

Ever since I realized that I’m most comfortable writing about men rather than women, I’ve been trying to figure out where that puts me when it comes to genres. I don’t normally read romance, though sifting through m/m novels, trying to discover if there’s anybody out there like me, means that I’ve been reading a hell of a lot of romance. But when it comes right down to it, novels that focus on two people, of any gender combination, finding each other, losing each other, and then finally getting to the HEA ending, don’t do a thing for me. Romance in the background, or as a thread running through more interesting themes is okay, but not front and center.

Lanyon’s book is about writing male/male romance — front and center. But it’s also about writing — front and center. As such, it’s very well done, an easy and sometimes funny read, with points of view from other authors as well as Lanyon’s own. It’s helping me clarify my own preferences, most of which I’d already figured out, more or less. It’s making me take a closer look at things I thought I knew, and things I was still confused about. I’m glad I bought it.

On the writing side, I’m in danger of screwing up my first NaNo style month. Taryn has reached ten chapters and 33,000 words, up from about 15,000 words, but is nowhere near finished, and I’ve been dragging my ass again. With three days to go in this month, finishing the book in May is extremely unlikely. On the positive side, I’ve come up with an ending that I find very satisfying, but that most of my readers from Boundaries will probably hate.


One thought on “Weekend Notes

  1. Don’t let go of an ending that you like. Trust your instincts.

    It’s true that the chatter slows down on the weekends. Must be all those office workers, breaking free from their computer shackles.

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