Published at Last

Pushing that “Publish” button on Smashwords was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I’m not sure whether it was just the idea of really being published, or all the horror stories about how hard it can be to get through the Meatgrinder without being told you have all kind of problems to fix. But the process went smoothly, and except for the title page of the HTML version, and RTF version that truly sucks, everything looks good. Hidden Boundaries is a real ebook!

And only 2  1/2 hours after getting it up, someone’s already bought a copy. That’s just purely amazing. The book is in line to be reviewed for the premium catalogue, which means that it will eventually be available at Barnes & Noble, Sony, and several other distributors.

Now I can forget about the flaws in the book, including an opening I’m still not happy with, and get back to work on the sequel. With all that I’ve learned about proper formatting, using Neo Office (a clone of Open Office/Word), and having been through the Smashwords process once, I think I can look forward to a less stressful time of it for future books.

Oh, if you want to buy it (and you know you do) :



8 thoughts on “Published at Last

  1. Congrats!!! I will be looking forward to hearing how you do with sales. Many of the writers in my workshops are considering self publishing as e-books. Let us – your readers – know how it goes, Catana.
    Good luck!

  2. Congratulations! Just publishing is scary enough, but I understand the fear of the Meatgrinder. I’m terrified of it, so much so that I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use Smashwords. I might just be content with uploading to Amazon and B&N myself.

    That’s so awesome that you already have a sale!

  3. Caethes, I think the thing that got me through the meatgrinder without any problems was that I turned on invisibles so I could see if there were any formatting errors. I always wondered why some people said uploading to Smashwords was a cinch, and others said it was a nightmare. Now that I’ve done it, I think it’s all in the preparation. Read the style guide carefully and follow it.

    That said, I did screw up because My cover is too darned big. I’m going to upload the file tomorrow without the cover embedded, and then upload the new, reduced cover, separately. Live and Learn.

  4. congratulations dear! So happy for you. I remember when you first told me about wanting to be a writer, wonderful achievement to get to here from there, well done you, x

    1. Hey, Lou. You remembered! Yup, I’m on my way. Just hope time and energy don’t run out on me before I get a few more novels under my belt.

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