Scattered, But Still Forging On

Getting Hidden Boundaries published and  almost out of the way must done something to my brain. My ADD has ramped up several times over, and I’m into one of my “patchwork” periods. A little of this, a little of that, a little of the other, and then back to this and that. I did manage to get the cover of the book, as live links, up on both WordPress blogs, in one session.

Taryn is progressing, even if it’s sometimes only a few sentences at a time. But sentences do add up and I’ve written almost 400 words today. I’m over halfway through chapter 13, and I’m beginning to think two more chapters will finish it off. That story continues to take me by surprise. A new character will be introduced close to the end, and I already see the bare outline of a short story from his first person POV. I’ve never done first person, so that will be interesting to work on.

Sales of Hidden Boundaries do occupy my mind too much, but I’m sure I’ll get over it in a few more days. So far, eight copies have sold, six at full price, two with a coupon. So my ISBN registration is paid for and I have $5.08 in my account. One person rated it with five stars on Goodreads, but there are no reviews yet. Three people have added it to their Smashword libraries. That means either they’ve bought it or are thinking about buying it.

Still dithering about whether to start serializing A Perfect Slave on my Dark Boundaries blog.

Finally decided to make the leap to my own domain and filled out the info for The page balked at my phone number and wouldn’t give up the error message, no matter what I did, so now I’m waiting to hear from Support.

It’s time to go put another chapter of Taryn up at AdultFanFiction. Meant to do it yesterday, along with a lot of other things that didn’t get done.

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