I don’t like the cover of Hidden Boundaries at all. It isn’t #2 son’s fault. I forgot to tell him to use a more interesting font than Times New Roman, and the photo is more in-your-face than evocative. I’m also a bit edgy about using that photo at all, since the blogger who posted it and gave me permission to use it wasn’t even sure if he had taken it. So I’m working with one of #2 son’s own photos. I belatedly realized that I had several CDs worth of photos he’d taken over the last few years, and picked out several that I might use in the future. Now I’m trying to figure out if Seashore, a graphic editing program, might be a bit easier to use than GIMP.

I’m also trying to write a bit of a bio for the endmatter of the novel.

So, I’ll be uploading the novel and cover to Smashwords for the third time.

Okay, who cares about all this boring stuff? Go burn some hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t even think about me sitting over a hot keyboard while you’re out getting sunburned and making your contribution to the mosquito hordes.


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