WordPress keeps screwing around

I’m okay with changes as long as they make sense. Just because I’m comfortable with how something works, I’m not going to yell if the change is an improvement, or even if it’s more cosmetic than functional. But some changes are nothing but mindf–ks, and WordPress has just come up with a doozy. I clicked on Read my Subscriptions just now, and what did I get? One and a half lines of each post, and then a word count for what remained. You know what? I don’t decide to read or not read a post based on the word count. And one and a half lines doesn’t tell me whether I want to read it at all. So my question is, exactly what’s the point of this change? Who does it serve? How does it make using WordPress more pleasant? I am seriously pissed.

4 thoughts on “WordPress keeps screwing around

  1. I’ll probably scream on the forum eventually, but I like to wait to see if the change is permanent. Sometimes, the WP engineers just seem to be playing around to see what works and what doesn’t. I really hate the new page that pops up after a new post — stupid congratulations on #xxx post, as if we’re little kiddies who need to be praised for our accomplishments. And the prompts! Maybe some people appreciate them, and I can just ignore that whole page, but it would be nice if we could choose not to have it at all, and be able to change the sub settings.

  2. Perhaps, WP is giving us a hint to narrow down our subscriptions. BF’s only.

    As far as engineers and Admin goes, I use to wonder why they couldn’t leave anything alone, but then someone told me: They have to keep justifying their high paying jobs by coming up with NEW ideas. Hence, we have cars with no vent windows–loved those things. Refrigerators with glass shelves–always smudged and grubby looking and stoves with computer chips–have to have a degree to boil water.

    On my last job, Admin had us do busy work by moving stock from one shelve to another, endlessly. As if moving crap would make it sell better, when in reality moving product only PO’s the customer–hate paperpushers!

    Rant Over.

  3. We could all come up with rants about idiot design, unnecessary changes, etc. The reason for moving stock in stores is to get the customers to go down aisles that they normally might not bother with. Goal? To get them to buy more. Yup, it’s a waste of my time to go hunting for what I usually buy, and just pisses me off.

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