One WIP Whipped

I actually did it. The three-part prequel to what will (I hope) be two novels about the Ancien is finished, and ready for its final edit. It’s now four parts, and much expanded, and I think it works very well, even though a lot of it is exposition. I’ve even written the short description and will write the extended description Monday or Tuesday. The short description: “A medieval plague did more than just decimate Europe. It created a new species of human — and a terrifying legend. Through the generations, the Ancien were forced to destroy some of their male children, to protect the rest. There was no cure for the blood-hunger, no way to predict which one it would strike. It was the heartbreaking burden of a people who meant no harm to the dominant species.”

If you want to take a peek at the first section of the story, read Prelude. The new version is a bit longer, and is considerably better written. With luck, it will be on Smashwords and Pubit by the end of the week. The only thing that’s still up in the air is whether to offer it free, as general promotion for my work, or to ask .99 for it. It’s over 7,300 words, so I don’t think the price will make anyone feel they’ve been cheated.

I’ll also be working to get Taryn finished and ready for editing, so I won’t lack for something to keep me busy all week.


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