Learning Curves and Spam

Ancien: Ages of Blood is finally up on Smashwords, and readable on Kindle as well as ePub, PDF, etc. I’d made one very tiny formatting error, thinking that it was an area where I didn’t have to pay attention to the warnings in the Smashwords Style Guide. I got away with it for the novel, for some reason, but not this time. Maybe something in the Meatgrinder had changed. The only thing that’s still not working properly, as far as I can tell, is the link to Hidden Boundaries in the end matter. The URL is correct, but redirects to a site that slams it with a 404 notice and says it doesn’t exist.

What is Ages of Blood about? “A few survivors of a devastating plague find themselves slaves to an uncontrollable blood-craving. Over the centuries, the virus changes to a less frightening form, and a new human species is born. But every now and then, the virus regresses to its original mutated form. The throwbacks are always male, and the immutable law of the Ancien dictates that they must be killed as soon as the blood-lust appears. The Ancien struggle to protect the unsuspecting humans, and to keep the secret of their own existence and of the children whose lives must be sacrificed to maintain that secrecy. Now, one of their own, a scientist, threatens the fragile society they have built.”

Approximately 7,400 words. Only $.99. Ancien: Ages of Blood

On another front, I received a promotional email from a WP writer whose blog I’d subscribed to recently. He seems to have assumed that makes it okay to spam. Very heavy on buy this book, review this book, forward this email to your friends. No thank you. Even if I read books in your genre, which I don’t, spamming me isn’t the way to get me to try them. I sent him a reply. He sent me one line saying it wouldn’t happen again. No apology, which makes me think he simply  deleted me from his mailing list, but will continue to use this obnoxious method of self-promotion.  So I unsubscribed from his blog.

4 thoughts on “Learning Curves and Spam

  1. I also hate spammers. On twitter for a while there was a lady who made an entry every 10 minutes urging people to read her book. Several people posted tweets asking self-promoters to leave the tweet-waves alone and she has since stopped and posts tips about writing and links. Where her self-promo put me off completely, her writing tips and links have had the opposite effect and I actually want to read her book now.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the above. Spammers dilute the pool of original thought on this platform far too often. They are digital locusts. I’ve been lucky enough to unfollow spammers on Twitter, and find a lot of decent conversation through the platform, thankfully, and some even spark new story ideas or blog posts.

    1. It tickles me when I get a new follower on Twitter because it’s almost always a spammer. Got one the other day after I’d been tweeting with a friend about probiotics. Of course, the new follower was pushing probiotics. Blocked the sucker.

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