Decisions, To-do Lists, Priorities, Decisions

I’m trying to be more organized than usual about doing all those annoying jobs related to publishing. So now I have a list of things to do. For some reason, no matter how many I mark off, there are always more, but there’s still a sense of accomplishment, especially when a task I’ve put off for a long time is now done.

It’s still a slow process. It’s sometimes difficult to set priorities, and there are the jobs that look so overwhelming or just plain unpleasant that I keep putting them off. It was like pulling my own teeth to get set up as a Goodreads author, and it had to wait until my first book was available on Barnes & Noble as well as Smashwords. So that’s done. I just added a contact page to Dark Boundaries, with links to my various profiles and book pages. Another nagger out of the way.

Library Thing is still hanging fire. I’m a member, but I haven’t figured out yet how you get to be an LT author. I think I have a clue, but I have to check it out. I saw a graph about their traffic, which is much less than Goodreads, but each site has its own advantages.

Then there are the questions: where to network. Whether it’s worth it to try to sell books on my own website. Whether Scribd is useful or a waste of time for posting some of the shorter work. Etc., etc., etc.

When it all seems like too much, I keep in mind the complaints by writers who’ve loaded themselves with so much promotional work that they don’t have time to write. One step at a time will do it without so much stress and angst. The writing always comes first. Otherwise, what’s it all for?



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