My Seven Deadly Sins

The more I understand my needs as a writer and a human being, the more I’m moving away from most of the things that are considered necessary and proper for a self-publisher.

1. I’m not a brand, and I have no intention of turning myself into a brand.

2. I’m not on Facebook, barely use Twitter, and won’t join Google+.

3. I won’t choose a genre or modify my writing to fit a predetermined audience.

4. I will never sell my novels for $.99 except as short-term introductory offers for a limited audience.

5. I won’t change my blogging style to be warm, cuddly, and amusing.

6. I won’t do blog tours.

7. I won’t create book trailers.

Before anyone decides to mention that I’m shooting myself in the foot — I’m not writing to make a living.


3 thoughts on “My Seven Deadly Sins

    1. Oh dear, just re-read this and I didn’t intend it to sound as grumpy as it does! Of course there are plenty of authentic people everywhere — it’s just that there are also so many others who have no problem with selling themselves cheaply for success. I find it quite sad.

      1. You didn’t come across as grumpy, at all. I’m the one who’s grumpy and getting more so all the time, it seems. Is being grumpy part of being authentic? I’ve always pushed back at anyone who tried to tell me that they know better than I do what’s right for me. Writing and publishing are part of a lifelong learning process. Sometimes I take the wrong path, but that’s my choice, and my decision when or if to get back on. It’s usually the side paths that are the most interesting and useful.

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