Real Purpose of Google+, WordPress wonkiness

I’ve been back and forth about joining Google+ if it ever comes out of beta, but finally decided not to bother. I followed the fuss and feathers, and loud indignation over its “true names” rule, and, in the interest of what little online privacy I have left, pre-opted out. At least Google has been clear about what they want, and now should be clear enough for even for those who’ve been hoping that Google will see the evil of its ways and recant. Don’t hold your breath.

First came the statement that people who want to remain anonymous don’t have to use Google. Now, “G+ was built primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information.” In other words, Google+ exists for the sole purpose of using your personal information and identity to make more money. Is anyone surprised? Did anyone really think Google was somehow “purer” than Facebook?

On another front, WordPress is in the throes of another bout of glitchiness, probably presaging more “improvements.” All my subscriptions are gone, which means that other people’s subscriptions have also been wiped out, temporarily, I hope. So who’s going to be reading this? No one. And, of course, the first person to ask about it on the forums was told to delete caches and cookies. That’s always the first response, as if it’s the reader’s problem and not something gone wrong on the site.

Delightful! Spellcheck isn’t working, either.

2 thoughts on “Real Purpose of Google+, WordPress wonkiness

  1. That’s interesting. Apparently, not everyone’s subscription list is affected. And I’d forgotten that some people use email subscriptions. It will probably straighten itself out in a day or two, anyway. Patience is a virtue, I guess.

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