What You Want to Do and What You REALLY Want to Do

I want to finish and publish my first ever novel. Because it’s a good story. Because I have about half a sequel written. Because I should. And I really did intend to make it my next project now that I’m finished with Crossing Boundaries. But…

Gift of Blood pops up every now and then, reminding me it’s still waiting, and making me feel vaguely guilty. But The Warden nags and nags. It gets in the way of whatever else I’m doing and stands there with its hands on its hips and glares. I’m not sure whether that has something to do with my main character being an ex-Dom. Den is a pretty mild-mannered guy, but he’s well-suited to being the warden of a small prison. He makes mistakes. He can be pretty angsty. But he does the job. Maybe that’s it. He wants me to do the job.

So I’m doing the job. Because it’s time. Because he won’t let me alone until it’s done.


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